Money Play

1. At the end of the installation process, you will already be at the entrance to the LuckyAce Casino Lobby. Click on “Money Play “.

2. You will be presented with the Money Play Registration Screen. Please fill in the requested fields, read and tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions and then click on “Submit Registration”.

3. You will be presented with a screen offering the option to enter a Security Question and Answer. Entering a Security Question and Answer here will make retrieving your LuckyAce Casino Money Play Password easier in the future, should you forget it. Click on “Continue”.

4. You will receive an Online reply, from our server, with your new LuckyAce Casino Money Play Username and Password. After writing down your Username and Password, click on “Continue”.

5. You will now return to the Login screen. Enter your LuckyAce Casino Money Play Username & Password and click on “Login”.

6. Once you are in the LuckyAce Casino Lobby, click on “Cashier” to make a Deposit to your new LuckyAce Casino Money Play Account.

7. After you have Deposited to your LuckyAce Casino Account, select any of LuckyAce Casino’s exciting games-and let the good times roll!.

Please note: Our Casino software utilizes an advanced Smart Download process. This means that once you arrive in the Casino Lobby some of the games may still be downloading. A colored game icon indicates that game has finished downloading and is ready to play. Games with black & white icons are still downloading and will be ready to play shortly.