1. Go to your Windows Desktop (or the location where you chose to save the program) and double click on the LuckyAce Casino icon:

The LuckyAce Casino Download Wizard will open and download some initial setup files. Please wait a moment for this process to complete.
If you cannot find the LuckyAce Casino icon on your Windows Desktop, please follow these steps:

Click on the “Start” menu on the bottom left corner of your screen. Choose “Find” and then click “Files or Folders…”. Type “Installcasino.exe” inside the white window labeled “named”. Click on “Find Now”. Double click on the icon, once you have located the file.

2. You will be asked to select a folder, on your computer, in which to install the Casino software. We recommend choosing the default destination (your Program Files), as in the example below, by simply clicking on “Next”.

The installation process will begin and you will see this screen:

3. Upon completion of the installation process, you are ready to play for the first time. Please choose whether you wish to play in “Money Play ” or “Practice Play” mode, by clicking on the appropriate button.

Please note: Practice Members need not register in order to play our Casino games. Just click on “Practice Play” and start playing. First Time Money Play Members will be requested to register, in order to receive a Username and secure Password. To start playing, please click on your preferred mode of play “Money Play” or “Practice Play”.